Minimize Pores


The gentle exfoliation helps to purifies & minimizes enlarged pores, reduces blackhead & redness from acne. 


Nourishes & Moisturize  

Hydrates skin, and provides youthful glow, making your skin more radiant and clearer. 


Anti-Aging & Rejuvenates

The potent antioxidant that targets naturally occurring, skin degrading enzymes that help to maintain a youthful look, & boost micro-circulation of skin to metabolize waste & dirt. 


For All Skin Types 

Dermatologist Tested; no side effects, safe for all skin types.



1.After cleansing in the morning and evening

2.Apply the product to the skin

3.Masage untll  the skin is cowmpletely aborbed



Suitable for skin type: suitable for a variety of skin types

Specification: 10ml

Efficacy: Contains lactobionic acid, adjusts the skin's water and oil balance, converges and refines pores, leaving the skin soft, smooth and shiny.


Package Included:

1*Lactobionic acid extract essence

Zero Pore Instant Perfection Serum Lactobionic Acid Essence Anti-Aging UK

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