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Frequently asked questions

How to Change / Cancel  your Order ?

Once you place your order, we do our best to deliver the product as soon as possible, if in-case you want to change / Cancel your odrer than contact Via Phone immediately (+44 07810003672 , so we can do any change / Cancellations to your orders . If you do late than we cannot do anything.

How to return your order ?

We do return the product, we have some terms and conditions, check our terms and conditions. And you can also contact us by contact form or by our email.

How to get your refund ?

Once you are here with us, feel free and relaxed. We will work on your refund request as quick as possible. Check our Return and Refund Policies . And feel free to contact us by Contact form or by our Email :

How to Contact Us ?

We are working our best. If you need to contact us by contact form or by our Email