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Net content: 60g
Core Ingredients: Xanthan Gum, Caffeine, Bisabolol
Product Efficacy: It is radiant and translucent, which helps to reduce stubborn fat in the waist, abdomen, buttocks and arms, shrink the body curve, create a beautiful posture and present a beautiful figure.
Essence of lotion
Body shape, wipe it, knead it to improve the waist of the bucket
Slim figure Waist + legs + hips are not satisfied with it, there are surprises
1. Thin hands: apply to the inner side of the arm from the elbow joint to the armpit massage three groups once
2. Thin waist: apply to the waist, push the massage from both sides of the limbs to the middle evenly, three times in a group
3. Thin legs: Thighs are massaged from the knees to the thighs in groups of 3
Calf: Massage 3 times from the ankle to the knee
Shelf life: three years

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1*Slimming Shaping Cream

Caffeine Burn Body Slimming Cream Weight Loss Anti-Cellulite Fat Burning Shaping

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