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1000mm Flat Aux Cable

aux cable

With K464 1000mm Flat AUX Cable, it is a cable that allows you to easily listen to the music on your smartphone and mobile devices in your car and home music system.    

If non-Bluetooth vehicles have AUX input, it provides a comfortable use as if you are listening to music in the vehicle via Bluetooth.    

You can use it with all devices with AUX output. It is compatible with iPod and iPad.    

AUX audio cables provide direct connection with devices, providing maximum sound quality. Ideal for portable speakers.

Technicial Specifications

 Cable Length  1200mm
 Colors  Black, White, Red
 connector  3.5mm stereo


Product features

• Resistant to breaks
• Easy to carry • Protected against
bumps thanks to its elbow structure.

Box contents

• K464 1000mm Flat AUX Cable  


• Compatible with Any Device with 3.5 Mm Input