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Vinimay Gel Polish Burst Magic Soak Off Remover Nail Cleaner Gel Nail Manicure

magic nail 15ml
Nail Gel / paste /   Polish Burst Magic Remover

8 ML

Type: Base Coat/Top Coat/Matte Top Coat/Gel Remover

Shake bottle "vigourously" before use


1. Ready
2. Use a frosted strip to polish the Nail Top Coat
3. Apply nail remover and try to avoid applying it to the surrounding skin.
4. Wait until the nail polish is completely burst
5. Push away the residual nail polish

6. Remove the nail polish


1.Because nail polishes have different levels of hardness and thickness, the amount of burst and the time required will vary.

2. Avoid contact with the skin. It is a solvent which needs to penentrate for a short time and absorb the polish to loosen the surface. Contact with skin can result in a slight burning sensation.

3. There is a slight cool sensation during removal.

4. Wipe away with a nail sponge for best results.

Best for single layer polish. Apply, leave, wipe away with nail sponge.

For double layer, file, apply, wipe away with nail sponge.