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Complete Lash Lift Perming Eyelash Extension Kit


Do not touch your eye just used in lashes only because it contain glue,cleanser,fixation,perm which is for lashes hair not for eye.if you touch any of this item in your eyes then wash your eyes because if you touch glue cleanser to your eye then it will definitely harm your eye.

Only buy if you are professional and know how to use.

Don’t touch to your eye.if you touch then we are not responsible for any allergies or stain


1. About the Glue: A few customers feedback that they couldn't glue the lashes on lift pad well, in order to ensure the stickiness of the glue, please wait for about 30 seconds after applying it to lift pad.

2. About the instructions: A few customers feedback that the instructions on the box are hard to follow, so they choose to watch tutorials on YouTube. That is a good way to use this eyelash perm kits. In addition, you also could follow the steps what I show here:

* Clean your eyelash;

* Put the suitable lift pads on the upward side of eyelash, then apply the glue on the eyelash to keep it stick on the pads for 1-2 minutes;

* Use the perm agent by brush and wait for about 8-12 minutes, then use the fixation agent in the same way;

* Use the nutrition agent to nourish eyelash, and finally use the cleanser agent to clean off all the perm residue.