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Flawless Colour Changing Foundation 30ml


This Flawless Liquid Color Changing Foundation is unique foundation that helps to provide younger and attractive appealing all thanks to the highly quality tested hypoallergenic, anti-aging formula, non-chemical, paraben-free, and delivers pore-free nourishing ingredients. It normally comes in liquid formulation much effective powder traditional foundations. This foundation contains natural sunscreen SPF 15 to provide complete protection against harmful ultra-violet sun-rays. It works great for women with dry, sensitive, acne prone and aging skins. It is one of the pocket-friendly foundations available in 30 ml quantity at very reasonable price. With this amazing color-matching formula helps in build full of confidence and attitude to your personality.

Product Features:

  • This 30ml Flawless Color Changing Liquid Foundation available in 3 skin tone adjustable shades.
  • This foundation comes in white and self adjust to skin tone immediately.
  • The color tone matching formula of foundation matches and moisturizes deeply into skin without cracking.
  • This foundation gives perfect base make up to all age groups and skin types.
  • It’s a foundation with multiple properties such as pore-free and dermatologist tested formula that helps to reduce pores or blemishes with minimum efforts.     
  • It can be beneficial for both professional and daily use at home. 
  • More importantly, with the help of shade sense beads helps transform shade instantly to compliment your personality in no time.
  • This hypoallergenic liquid foundation helps to protect and illuminate silky finish by covering facial lines and wrinkles.

Package Includes:

  • 1 – 30 ml Flawless Color Changing Liquid Foundation